Top 5 Best Harry Potter Spells

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Harry preforming the dismarming spell, one of the Best Harry Potter Spells.

Harry Potter in the battle of Hogwarts shooting the disarming curse.

For the purpose of actually putting the Top 5 Best Harry Potter Spells to use, we won’t include the Unforgivable Curses because they’re against wizardry law. All other spells will be considered usable, though. Beginning with five – the worst of the best – here goes the Top five Harry Potter Spells:  

5. Stupefy

Stupefy is known as the Stunning Spell. It is a very common spell in battle, at least for those not using Unforgivable Curses. The spell acts as a combative curse, but has no lasting harm. When preformed, a flash that leaves the wand will, if hit a living target, knock him/her unconscious. If the spell hits an non-living target, it stops it if it is in motion.

4. Accio

This spell, known as the summoning charm, is not simple to preform. The caster must have some willpower towards his/her intent when casting it. The target (normally inanimate), if the wand is pointing at it, will fly towards the charm caster. If the target is not in view the word following the charm will be summoned.

Intended Best Spell Use:

This spell is theorized to be used as a disarming weapon; the charm caster would summon whatever weapon his attacked or opponent has so he/she can use it against its owner.

3. Expeliarmus

This spell, the disarming charm, is used as its name implies. If the spell hits a hand of the target, said target is forced to release whatever he/she is holding. If it hits anything but the hand of the target, that target will be sent flying backwards as well as being disarmed. It is sometimes known to launch victim even if it just hits their hand. This spell is not ranked higher on the Best Harry Potter Spells list because, while this spell disarmes opponents, they can get right back up. Also, if they aren’t alone, their friend can use the previously mentioned Accio spell to summon his/her wand and return it to them.

2. Obliviate

This is the memory-eraser spell. The only time this was ever used in the Harry Potter series was by Lockhart towards Ron Weasly. Unfortunately for Lockhart, he was using a faulty wand and it backfired. Lockhart lost all his memories, though that wasn’t the intent and only happened because it was preformed improperly. Normally the spell is designed to remove specific memories. The Ministry for Magic uses it often to erase memories of muggles who have witnessed magic.

Intended Best Spell Use:

It is theorized to be used in a battle so that the opponent doesn’t what he/she is doing or why he/she is doing. To any end, this is a powerful charm not to be used lightly.

1. Protogo

The shield spell blocks almost every spell. The shield has the ability to absorb an incoming spell, ricochet off of it, or reflect it directly back at the attacker. This is especially useful is the caster of the shield is being attacked by someone using rather nasty Curses, as they can fight back with equally force without actually casting those curses. For these reasons, Protogo is the Best Harry Potter spells for self protection.   

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