Top 11 Gifts For A Superfan

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1. Custom & Original Wands​​​

Magical Alley is a business that makes completely custom wands, each exquisite and unique. This is why any one of them would do wonderfully as a gift. Also, they have so many different ways to make them: take/draw a picture, go through their step-by-step assembly on the guide, get a pre-made one, or a gift card. However you like to do it, Magical Alley is the best in custom wands. And a unique gift is the best of all.

Orchard Works also has some cool designs like these (and well priced too):

Custom Wand Gift Ideas

If you're interested in top picks of wands from the story, or just want to learn more before you get one, check out our article on Harry Potter Wands.

2. The Marauder's Map

Marauder's Map Gift

A classic Hogwarts treasure. The Marauder's map appears in the hands two generations at Hogwarts. Besides being a normal map, it shows all of the secret passages in and out of the school, except the Chamber of Secrets, and where everyone - yes, everyone - is inside. Safe to say, it's a big map. 

And Inside . . .

Marauder's Map Interior

It can be folded in many different ways to reveal secret paths and many levels. Above is just the beginning of the incredible potential of the Marauder's Map.

3. Dumbledore's Deluminator

If you've never heard of Dumbledore's Deluminator (or just forgot) it's okay. However, this is a classic, incredible piece invented and created by Albus Dumbledore himself, so any true Harry Potter fan would instantly recognize and treasure it dearly. 

4. Crest Pin Set    

Hogwarts Crest & House Crests Pin Set Gift

I hope you realize the significance of this, and then say, "Hey, this is a great product? Why haven't I seen it before?" Because that's what I said when I first saw it. What's the best way to represent your school and house? This. Obviously. Also, if you're not sure which house you're in, take our quiz!

5. Hedwig Mini Replica

The Noble Collection is one of the best sources for Harry Potter merchandise and memorabilia. They make amazing mini-replicas that I love because every single one has unbelievable detail. I've selected my top 4 favorite here:

Hedwig Mini Replica Gift Idea

6. Dementor Mini Replica

Dementor Mini Gift Idea

7. Phoenix Mini Replica

Phoenix Mini Gift

8. Basilisk Mini Replica

Basilisk Mini Replica

9. Harry Potter Themed Chess Set

Harry Potter Themed Chess Set Gift

10. Hogwarts Gryffindor Backpack

11. Old Steamer Trunk

For my final gift idea, here is an old steamer trunk. Yes, you might be like, "What on Earth does this have to do with Harry Potter? Why should I care?" Here's why: Every Hogwarts student takes a classic trunk just like the one below to Hogwarts. Except, instead of for schoolbooks, this can be used to store everything Harry Potter. This is a great gift if you feel your superfan in need of a present already has everything, because if he/she has everything, where can it all be kept?

Old Hogwarts Trunk gift ideas


There is a lot of Harry Potter stuff for sale. It's difficult to go wrong, but we've found 11 of the best Harry Potter gift ideas for a large price range. If you're not happy, please peruse the internet or hop onto Amazon below. But I hope you've found what you're looking for. Have a great day!