Top 10 Harry Potter Websites of 2016

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Below is a list of Harry Potter fan sites we have discovered to be the best. They are chosen because of exceptional quality and content. They are definitely worth checking out.

HP LinkHarry Potter Wiki is the source for everything Harry Potter. They have researched everything so completely that there is tons of information present not included in the books or movies.

Harry Potter Fan Zone

The Harry Potter Fan Zone, awarded the ‘Fan Site Award’ by J. K. Rowling herself, has everything you need to know about Harry Potter.

The Angle of Magic is an informational Harry Potter Site in Italian.

Harry Potter For Seekers - Exploring the deep spiritual content of Harry Potter Harry Potter For Seekers is a very interesting website that focuses on the spiritual power of Harry Potter.

Snitch Seeker is a Harry Potter informational website.

Harry Potter's Page BannerHarry Potter’s Page is an informational Harry Potter site and podcast.

The Daily Snitcher is an informational Harry Potter Site.

The HP Fan is an informational Harry Potter site with some information concerning actors in the Harry Potter films.

Potter Talk is a single-person blog and informational site.

Hogwarts Extreme is an interactive Harry Potter site.

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