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Harry Potter wands are the most popular way to use magic. Each varies from about eight inches to sixteen. At the core of every wand resides a fragment of some magical creature. While getting a wand is easy, finding the right one isn't for a specific person. As Mr. Ollivander has said many times, "The wand chooses the wizard." If none of the replicas from the books and movies meet your needs, you can learn how to make your own custom wands.

Where to Find Harry Potter Wands

Almost all wands in the harry potter series are obtained at Ollivander's Wand Shop in Diagon Alley. Those that aren't are found at Gregorovitch's wandshop or made at an unknown location that is sold to other schools. Each store sells wands of different makes and following different principles, which is why there is some competition between makers.

Wand Shop Sign

Wand Wood

The wood of all Harry Potter wands matter. For a full list of the woods and how they affect a wand, click here. The varieties of wood range greatly depending on the wandmaker and person.

Wand Cores

Harry Potter wands are most greatly influences by the core. The most common kinds are the three following: Phoenix feather (trustworthy and great at preforming more complex spells), Dragon heartstring (power-hungry, or as close as you can be as a wand. The Dragon Heartstring isn’t too loyal, but is powerful and is most commonly found in the hands of aurors and Death Eaters alike), and Unicorn hair (most commonly taken from the tail is the most loyal wand that can preform spells of goodness). For a full list of all the wand cores and their abilities, click here.

Voldemort’s wand and Harry Potter’s wand both have a core of Phoenix feather. That Phoenix gave only the two feathers that reside in each of their wands. That Phoenix, named Fawkes, was Dumbledore’s. Unfortunately, Hermione casts as spell against Nagini that rebounds and breaks Harry’s wand. He uses stolen Death Eaters wand (lent to him by Ron) until he takes Draco’s wand. Ollivander confirms that the Dragon Heartstring make has passed its ownership to Harry, who claims it as his own. The event that gave Harry his ownership also gave him control over the Elder Wand, but that isn’t revealed until later.


Harry Potter Wand Cores, Wood, and characteristics

Dumbledore’s Elder Wand

Speaking of Dumbledore, he owned the elder wand. It is the most powerful wand in existence and was created by Death itself. The wand originally was given as a  gift to Ignotus Perverell in the children’s tale The Tale of the Three brothers. Beyond that, its path through history is choppy. Popping up occasionally by the Deathstick, or other violent names, its past is bloody. The wand is first obtained by Dumbledore when he defeated Grindelwald in their famous duel and claimed the wand. When Dumbledore let himself perish by the hand of Snape, he gained power of the wand. Because of this, Voldemort killed him so he could control the wand. This didn’t work because Draco Malfoy had disarmed Dumbledore previously, giving him right over the wand. When Harry literally grabbed Draco’s own wand from his hand in Malfoy Manor, Harry gets power over the wand.

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