Harry Potter Spells

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This is a list of Harry Potter spells collected from both the books and movies. This list contains every spell ever used and what they do. Those with a dash –  mean that the desired information is unavailable, as it was never revealed. The complete Harry Potter spells list:

Incantation  Name               Effect

____ Maxima This word is added following a spell to increase its affect
Fidelius Charm A secret is bound to a single person (the secret keeper) so only they can reveal what it is to those who don’t know; if one knows but isn’t the keeper they can’t reveal it.
Conjunctivitus Curse Blinds target, duration unknown
Severing Charm Cuts inanimate target
Banishing Charm Sends target (including humans) flying away from spellcaster.
Drought Charm Evaporates water up to the siz of a large puddle
Jelly-Legs Jinx weakens legs
Disillusionment Charm Makes living target appear identical to whatever is behind him/her
Imperturbable Charm Makes inanimate target unable to be hit by projectiles
Permanent Sticking Charm Sticks objects to something else (ex. painting to wall)
Hair-Thickening Charm Thickens hair of target
Warmth Charm Shoots hot air from wand
Stinging Hex Stings target
Shock Spell Assists target if he/she has been recently undergone a traumatic experience
Partial Vanishment Spell Makes targetted limb invisible
Trip Jinx Trips whoever runs over where it has been placed / Can be fired directly at target and cause him/her to trip
Anti-Cheating Charms There are a wide variety of charms to stop cheating
Switching-Spell Switches target with something else (Note: extremely difficult)
Stealth Sensoring Spell Dectects if intruder has passed through (normally placed on doors and windows)
Bat-Bogey Hex Covers target in boils with wings
Anti-Disapparation Jinx Prevents those within its borders from apparating
Accio Summoning Charm Summons target / Word following spell is summoned
Alarte acsendelia Launch target up in air
Alohomora Unlocking Charm Unlock locks
Arunya eximay Knock any arachnid away
Avada Kadabra* Killing Curse Kills target
Avis Creates a few birds
Bombara Explosion Charm Exposion
Bombara Maxima Explosion Charm Large explosion
Bombarda Explosion Spell Expoldes inanimate target (ex. a wall)
Braceum imendo Heals broken bones
Colloportus Sealing Spell Seals target (normally door or window
Confundus Charm Confusion Curse Confuses target
Crucio* Cruciartus Curse Tortures target
Densaugeo Enlargement Charm Enlarge target (very specific, e.g. hits teeth of target, enlarges only teeth)
Diffindo Cutting Charm Cuts open inanimate things
Diffinido Shrinking Charm shrinks target
Dissendium Opens secret passage
Engorgio Enlargement Charm Makes target swell largely
Ennervate Wakes a stunning curse victim.
Evanesco Teleports inanimate target back to a storage place
Evertai Statium Knock target up into air and backflip then crash
Expecto Patronum Dementor Shield Charm Shield against dementors (Note: must be preformed while thinking of a happy)
Expelliarmus Disarming Charm Disarm target and sometimes send flying backward
Ferula Bandage Charm Bandage leg
Finite General Countercurse Charm Stops most spells
Finite Incantatem General Countercurse Charm Stops most spells
Flagrate Burns image drawn with wand onto inanimate target
Furnunculus Boils Curse Large boils appear on target
Imightapastomi Transfigures human to ferret
Immobulus Freezing Charm Freezes target
Impedementa Impedement Curse Slows down target / impedes
Impervius Used to make glasses water resistant
Impirio* Imperius Curse Gives spellcaster control of Target
Incarcerous Ensnares target in ropes
Lacarnum Inflamarae Fire-Lighting Charm Light a fire
Legilimens Mind-Reading Spell Allows caster to see memories of the target (Note: for the inexperienced, eye contact is required)
Locomotor ____ Moving Spell Levitates word following spell and follows the caster
Locomotor Mortis Locks one’s legs together
Lumos Light Charm Lights up the end of wand
Lumos Solem Sunlight Charm Release a burst of sunlight from wand
Mobiliarbus Tree Levitating Charm Levitation spell that can move objects trees and assumably plant
Mobilicorpus Human Levitating Charm Levitate and move a person, normally unconscious
Morse Mordra Dark Mark Curse Creates dark mark
Nox Deactivate lumos
Obliviate Memory Eraser Charm Wipes memory
Oculus Repairo Eye Repairing Charm Repairs glasses
Orchideous Flower Charm Creates flowers
Periculum Red sparks
Peskipiksi Pesternomi Pixie Freezing Charm Freezes Pixies
Petrificus Totalus Locks arms, legs, and jaw together
Point me Four-Poit Spell Points wand north
Portus Portkey Spell Turns target into potkey (Note: Ministry requires registration of all portkeys)
Protago Shield Charm Creates shield that deflects/absorbs/rebounds most minor spells
Quietus Quieting Charm Counter to Sonorus / quiets target
Reducto Reductor Curse Destroys solid object
Relashio Shoots sparks
Repario Repair Charm Mends broken objects
Rictusempra Ticling Charm Tickles target
Riddikulus Boggart Countercurse Used to transform a boggart into what the spellcaster imagines
Scourgify Cleaning Charm Cleans target
Serpensortia Snake Curse Shoot snake from the end of wand
Silencio Silencing Charm Silences target
Sistam apperio Used by Voldemort to blast open locked chest
Sonorus Loudness Charm If directed at throat, increases voice’s sound dramatically / increases sound
Stupefy Stunning Curse Stuns target
Tarantallegra Dancing Spell Causes feet to tap dance
Vipera evenasca Destroys snake
Waddiwasi Used to remove chewing gum from a lock and shoot it up Peeve’s left nostril
Wingardium Leviosa Levitation Charm levitation/flight

And now you’ve reach the end of the Harry Potter spells list. I hope you’ve learned something and are a more knowledgable wizard after reading the Harry Potter spells list. *Curses are referred to as Unforgivable. If preformed on a human will earn spell caster a life sentence in the wizard-prison called Azkaban.