Harry Potter Custom Wands and Do-It-Yourself Videos

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In preparation for Halloween or just out of want, you may be looking for ways to make or get Harry Potter custom wands. Here I’ve collected a bunch of videos and tutorials to show you how to make them with things lying around your kitchen or just on trip to Target away. There is also a video for the more dedicated fan – one on how to carve your own wand from branches just outside your front door.

Successfully done, you could make custom wands as cool as the pictures below, but that is entirely determined by your imagination.

Four customs wands easily carved ad stained.

Four homemade custom wands carved and stained easily.

Pre-Made Wands

Of course, if these are a bit too time consuming (not very) or you’d prefer the ease of sitting on your couch until it arrives, we’ve got a long list of wands from the books and movies here.

Do it Yourself – Cheap and Easy Custom Wands

Here we have a video showing you how to make your own wands built custom by yourself using chopsticks, a hot-glue gun, and some paint. To make it truly yours, this project lets you use whatever else your can think of. Anyone in the family can do this – from kids to grandparents – so long as you don’t turn up the heat of the hot glue to high (which you shouldn’t anyway)!

Do it Yourself – Carve Wands For the Best and most Accurate Results

This next video tutorial is on how to carve wands from any branch you can find. Completely custom, you can control the color, length, size, kind, texture, and whether or not to include the bark. Adults are advised to make these, as you need a knife to carve it. For this project all you need is a mostly straight branch, a knife, and paint (or for the best results: wood stains).