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Patronus Test

A Patronus charm is a spell (Expecto Patronum!) that summons a force of positive energy to keep away dementors. To preform this spell, one must imagine one of the happiest moments of one's life. This memory, along with the traits and Hogwarts House of the spell caster, decide the animal that the spell brings forth. 

Harry calls for a stag, like his father. He uses a memory of his parents, happy and normal. Albus' brother, Aberforth, has the most powerful patronus in the series because he remembers his siblings, Albus and Arriana, alive and well as children. 

So here's the test. I hope you enjoy. I've included a couple so you can find the patronus that either fits you most or appears most often. Pottermore also offers a great patronus test but you require a free account. If you're interested in that, click here.

Anyone want to support their inner Patronus?

Harry Potter Accessories and Merchandise



Harry Potter glasses, prescriptionless, wire frame, officially licensed, and has the Harry Potter Logo on each side. 

So what is the infamous Harry Potter Scar? Where did he get it? Why is it so famous?

​Well to put it simply, the night Harry gets it is the night his parents die and he begins a lifelong combat against his ultimate enemy. That same villain is the antagonist and cause of conflict throughout the entire series. He is referred to mostly as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named or Who-Know-Who, for the first few books out of fear. Then Harry gains the courage to refer to the Dark Lord as Voldemort. Only Dumbledore, however, is willing to call Voldemort by his true name, Tom Marvolo Riddle.

​So what does it look like?

Harry Potter's Lightning Bolt Scar

How Did Mr. Potter End up With This Scar?

A Lightning Bolt scar appears on the victim of dark magic. In Harry's case, Voldemort struck him with the Killing Curse - aka, avada kedavra. The only reason Harry lived - because that curse is near impossible to block - was because his mother sacrificed herself to save Harry. Voldemort claims it as old magic only, while Dumbledore describes it as loving. Meanwhile, her sacrifice made Harry impervious to Voldemort's curse, so it rebounded. It hit himself. Voldemort only survived because of his horcruxes. 

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